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This is an excellant segment to watch how the the comingle and muddy the water of women’s rights, domestic violence and child abuse whenever they want to. In this segment, Joe Kleine who is very vocal on all women’s rights issues, calls out studies(without citing them) to show that in some innner city areas nearly half of the out-of-wedlock pregnancies where the result of step fathers raping girls. Try using that same number to discuss why women should not be given the right to have custody and expose children to and endless line of sketchy men, anyone of which is much more likely to abuse and molest those children. Then HE goes on a tirade about people on the right ingnoring science. They can muddy the water on all of this, conflate the different issue to their benefit, but will act shocked when you use those same studies to discuss father’s and men’s rights.


This is the cutest little video of a Dad making magic for his baby girl.


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Debtors Prison

For years I have been showing people how the Kidnapping Industry(i.e. Custody Court) can force simple men, into fee systems and structures than quickly exceed your gross annual income, then inprison our for this debt. For instance, a court might tell you that you have to pay $20,000 dollars to custody evaluators, you might have to spend four five thousand dollars a year on filing fees even if you are doing the legal work yourself, then the court can order you to pay for your oppositions attorny fees that you have no control over, then slap an eight or nine thousand dollar a year supervised vistiation charge on you, then order you to go to domestic violence offender classes even if you were actually the victim, then slap another ten thosand dollars of child support on you. Do the math on all of that, and you have to be grossing six figures to ever hope of keeping up! That is all WITH SELF-REPRESENTATION, triple those expenses if you hire an attorney.

Here is the horrifying, and blatantly unconsitutional part of this, they can throw you in jail some of those for these fees! In my case, the judge just nodded and smiled and went right along with trying to LET HER COUNT CHILD SUPPORT PAID THROUGH THE CLEARING HOUSE towards those fees, so she could essentially transfer NON-JAILABLE DEBT to DEBT I COULD BE ARRESSTED FOR!!!! In fact, it is buisness as usual for the kidnapping, child-molesting, child-mudering bigots on the bench in the Kidnapping Industry, and the Oval Office.

In this story they do an excellant job of showing how these debtors prisons work, for other issues like minor traffic violations and such. how somebody can end up going to prison because small traffic fines balloon into thousands of dollars owed to private companies that you can be arrested for if ou don’t pay. In actuallity, it is a shadow of the atrocities the bigots in the Kidnapping Industry do to innocent men, but it functions in a similiar way, and is very worth watching.


DeadBeat Reporters

Watch this video, below, and tell me about the parents you see being represented as “Dead Beat Parents”. Millionaires owning islands, living in Bermuda, pro-baseball players… How about the guys in Tempe, or Glendale, or anywhere USA. How about the millions of men who have thier children kidnapped from them, everything that they own taken away from them, there wages garnished, their bank accounts cleaned out, their homes in foreclosure, who face six-figure expenses just to be allowed to ever see their children again, all without ever once being given an attorney? Is there even a mention of the fact that almost none of these laws are vaguely capable of standing up to any aspect of the constitution? That Judges can charge men more money than they make on an annual basis, than imprison them for not paying, all without ever giving them an attorney or fifth ammendment rights?

I know, I’m supposed to pretend that the poor “Women” are so abused by the big scary man creatures that the utter disreguard for any semblance of equality or constitutionality shouldn’t be considered relevant.

Super Bowl

Football is a huge thing in my family. Many of my earliest and happiest memories involve football, on TV, playing it, holidays…

The Superbowl is on right now, and I just can’t bring myself to watch it. I am sitting here alone, because I paid to see my son earlier today, but didn’t have an options, no matter how much I spent, to spend the game with him. Even at a dollar a minute, it is illegal for me to watch the Superbowl with my son. One of my dreams is to one day raise enough money to run a SuperBowl add for Father’s Rights. There is just no part of life, that the kidnappers won’t destroy for innocent people. I just cannot put words around how bad I am hurting right now, not to be able to have watched the game with my son, like he wanted to. This may seem irrelevant to all of you, but this is my American Dream, this is my persuit of Happiness. My dream is to watch football with my son, and there is no such place as America for fathers like me, or my son. Our dream is dead.

This is graphic, and not for the faint of heart. This poor girl posted this online herself in her attempts to get help. The violent psychopath is a SITTING family court Judge In Texas.

“Hillary Adams took revenge on her father, Court-at-Law Judge William Adams from Aransas County, Texas, saying: ‘It had happened before, and had been escalating. I set up a camera, and I caught it.’ “

I recommend reading the article first, then deciding whether or not you want to see the video.

Psychiatry Worships Feminism

If modern psychiatry is allowed to accept the horrifically bigoted and biased propaganda of the feminist movements in their actions and programs, then there is nothing wrong with sprinkling in some religion if it helps people. They even use the politically correct numbers on domestic violence, instead of the number from the hundreds of hundreds of studies done by researchers at every major university in western civilization. ( Psychiatry has become a giant misandrist lie at every relevant junction, as bigoted ad destructive as any religion. ( They even use those lies as excuses to kidnap children from innocent people, and maintain the overt lies that men are the real problem in domestic violence. They even test against mathematically fictional reality with the MMPI, and have the power to revoke every single one of a persons constitutional rights without ever once charging them with a crime if they refuse to lie and say that they were to blame when women assault them, even if they have never hit a woman in their entire lives. If women hit you, you can be forced to say it is your fault, to conform to the fictional mythology of feminism that psychiatry worships as a religion.

To Whoever Wrote This…

I copied this off a forum. It was response to a question I put up, asking, “What are acceptable insults for people who falsify documents, cover up domestic violence and take children from innocent people?

Honest question? What terms for people like that are acceptable?”

He replied:
“liars, cheats, corrupt, criminals on the loose. Bias, God complexed, troubled, power trippers, slot machines that never payoff, professional dump, terrorist, “special person”, evil, mean, cruel, money mongers, gutter surfin at the courthouse is something I personally called the lame “help” we got. Abusers in suits, professional abusers, unaccountable crooks, kooks, quacks.
I could go on and on. You have to remember the Judge rubber stamped the recommendations of this so called necessary element of custody battles and allow them to act in a manner that hasn`t any evidenced based requirements in these recommendations. They may have education but may not be qualified to write a recommendation which affects others lives in such a way and this process is a sickness amongst us. It must be stopped. Some are abusing their power and hiding it behind “the disgruntled, troubled parent” so nobody verifies. Transparency and accountability needs to be brought back and one person should NEVER be given control over your life like this when no crime is committed. Even when a crime is committed we have more rights and ability for a chance at justice. It`s retarded and I hope that offends no one.
This subject infuriates me to no end. There are no words that will ever fit when somebody shreds a family and all they have without just cause and the family has absolutely no recourse and that becomes their sentence in life along with the children. So that is the part which must change no matter how it gets done, it must change. Cap their fees, force video taping (would have helped my situation as I would have welcomed the abuse being filmed or the stopping of the abuse because they were being filmed). Maybe once the fees are capped more than one opinion should be allowed or an independent equal plus them or something that strips their evil ways from being solely accepted and then they aren`t so smug and sure nobody will doubt them, question them, punish them, let alone hear a true complaint about them.
I feel with all my being they deserve to be incarcerated for their actions. It fuels the whole sickness of the process and children are never the same.”

I don’t know his exact situation, but it sounds a lot like mine. I literally had video tape and audio recordings of things, but was diagnosed as insane for saying those things I had on tape had occurred unless I could come up with more money than I earn annually. Violence by the woman was covered up, but there’s something wrong with ME for being ao upset about it.

To whoever wrote that, I would love to hear more about it.


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