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I prayed for you and your children, Mr. Walter Scott. I hope all of you reading this article do, as well.

This man was murdered for being a Father. A scared, impoverished, persecuted, oppressed Father. Being a Father, is still the only crime he is guilty of.

This man was running because he was in a similar situation to one that I have found myself before. They have taken over 85% of my income for years on end, putting into homelessness and abject poverty. Had the police caught him, he would probably have faced years and years in prison for being a father.

That’s it. Click the picture to read more about it. The only thing that bothers me, is that the Leftist Feminazi Media has made this a race issue, it is a gender issue.

Child Support Casualty!jayniah-watkins/crr3

I only wish it were possible to bring criminal charges against those in charge at his school. That they are waging these bigoted wars against our innocent young men should be met with prison time, now slaps on the wrist. This is horrible, oppressive bigotry that is at the top of almost all United States Colleges, and being encouraged by the government.

In his ever-more-sickening descent into complete subservience to the Feminazi’s, Roger Goodell has announced that the NFL no longer has to follow the law. They have hired a team of Feminazi’s to create their own legal system that has the ability to OVERRULE the United States Legal system. This is just another face of the Feminazi movement to remove men’s rights to a legal defense, like they have already done in the Kidnapper Court Process, and are achieving on many College Campuses across the nation.

Bye bye rule of law, bye bye innocent until proven guilty, hello Feminazi Police State.

Love Tiger Woods, or hate him, every person concerned with Father’s Rights and Men’s Equal Rights should follow his story forever. He had his life utterly destroyed by domestic violence, and the Media’s desire to punish male victims a hundred times more than their abusers ever could.

Fortunately for Tiger, he has enough money to find his way through the legal system and be allowed to know his children. Most victims of Domestic violence are never given that opportunity, we are just expected to surrender our children to our violent abusers.

If you are involved in Father’s Rights or Men’s Equality Movement, then this should be very important to me.

Whenever I write or speak out about the hundreds of thousands of innocent American men who are arrested on Domestic Violence and rape charges every year, everyone acts like there is nothing wrong with it. Whenever I talk about the dozens of times I have been taken into police custody without being arrested, people act like I have nothing to complain about. I have been bloodied, bruised and scared by police, and no one cares.

What everyone ignores are the horrible things Police do to ANYONE they have in custody. A cop could have an imaginary reason to have you in custody, and beat you to death worse than he treated an ACTUAL pedophile he may have had in custody the day before. A cop could detain you for jay-walking, and then beat you to death. A cop can detain you because you LOOK suspicious, and then charge you with resisting arrest, then lock you up, where you get beaten raped and murdered. The Kidnapping Industry, and the Feminazi Police State Laws that are in effect, GUARANTEE millions of innocent American men will be abused by police.

This gentleman was detained FOR NO REASON, THEN BEATEN TO DEATH. And you are ignorant and Naïve if you don’t think this happens to innocent fathers every day in this country.

I wish I could get this to embed

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This video is awesome and hilarious. It states what most of us in the Men’s Equality and Father’s Rights Movements know, that there is no pay inequality in America.

This article is a part of series of articles on Parental Alienation that look very promising. I will be reading all of them, posting links and reviews.

I found this article googling for something to help myself. I am suffering greatly over separation from my son. There is astoundingly little out there in terms of kind words of encouragement. Instead, I found this fantastic article for use in my writing. Enjoy.

At least, that is how this headline should read. People will say, “Why did this man run from the Police, if he wasn’t a criminal?” But only people who have not been victims of the Kidnapping Industry and their violent oppression wing in the Police force. There are many people, like me, who do not have criminal records, and have many reasons to fear the police.

That is the point of the kidnapping industry, to take innocent men, and treat them worse than the constitution would allow us to treat actual guilty criminals. Don’t let this story get lost in a slush of other police brutality cases(though I don’t mean to minimaize those atrocities) this is a case of an innocent man who was afraid of more unconstitutional abuse from the police, because he had already received such abuse from the Police in the past.

I could be this guy, and if you are a father, so could you!


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