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I love violent sports. I love roaring, I love exercise, I love boxing, I love wrestling an boy do I love me some football. I love these rare moments in life where young men can just open up and be young men. We are warrior spirits, warrior animals with warrior genetics and finding healthy expressions for those parts of our soul is nothing but good.

All of that goes out the window when you start looking at these men as gladiators, animals or stop caring about their well-being. When you intentionally try to injure, damage or even cripple a player in a sport, you are a violent criminal. Period.

That is a fantastic young man laying there unconscious. He is about to turn 23, and young men like him are what make this country what it is. These are our children, those are brave young men out there doing amazing things. We need to stop acting like their hurting them is a joke, or blaming them for earning good money and acting like they don’t deserve it. They don’t even reach an age of real adulthood until they are out of the league. These are kids, our kids, and I personally would love five minutes alone in a room with Jeff Fisher and his D-coordinator Williams. I doubt that both of them put together could offer much fight against all the cheap shots I would be taking on them. Cowardly bitches.untitled


I don’t necessarily believe in capital punishment. I do believe in equal punishment. I look at this case, and have an easy time saying that she deserves the absolute highest punitive measure employed within our punitive system. That monster right there is as sick, violent and sociopathic as anyone.

More importantly, the number one reason for punitive measures should ALWAYS be the prevention of further crimes. Does the punitive measure being employed do anything to prevent future acts of the crime? This may be the rare case of capital punishment being very effective in dissuading future murders of this kind. It is getting some headlines,(way more than her murdering him ever got) and women have gotten used to the status quo in America, where they are allowed to murder us.

Let’s be perfectly clear, there is absolutely nothing unusual about the an innocent man being tackled and abused by officers of the Feminazi Police State. We should also mention, that he was not technically innocent, he was suspected of being a male, and treated the way Police treat men, he was guilty of being a male.

I love his response,”What if he hadn’t been so passive, he says, with the stranger who rushed him without saying a word?

“I think about how scary it would have been had I put my arms up and done the normal reaction … to defend myself,” Blake told CNN’s Don Lemon on Saturday.

“If I had any sort of resistance, I wonder what could have happened. I could have broken bones, a concussion or worse.”

I don’t blame him a bit, as he is right. The maggot who tackled him should not be allowed to be a cop, but neither should 99% of them. Just another day in standard police practices of the feminazi police state. I have been through ten times worse than this, on dozens of occasions, and all I have ever been charged with is having male anatomy, too, my friend. He asks the right questions, says the right things. Shouldn’t one human being have to have some justification to tackle another human being? Shouldn’t this type of behavior just simply not be allowed by pigs? What if he had even flinched in response? Might they have shot him, clubbed him, crippled him? The answer is yes, they would! And they are beating, killing and imprisoning millions of innocent American Men everyday in THE FEMINAZI POLICE STATE!

This story is do twisted and horrid!!

WAYNESVILLE, Ohio — A drowning man pushed away his daughter, who tried to save him as they were being pulled underwater, telling her to save herself, authorities said.

Robert Stegemoller, 47, of Maineville, Ohio, was picnicking Sunday with his family at Caesar Creek Lake near Waynesville when he saw that their boat was adrift. He swam out to try to retrieve it, and his 19-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, heard his screams for help, said Scott Hines of the Massie Township Fire Department.

She swam to him but could not save him, Hines said. He was lost in the lake, which was low because crews are building a marina, around 4:30 p.m.; his body was found about four hours later.

The lake, about 45 miles northwest of Cincinnati, has sudden and steep drop-offs that catch swimmers off guard about 7 or 8 feet in, Hines said.

The Warren County Coroner ruled that cardiac distress could be a contributing factor in Stegemoller’s death. The lake’s cold temperature paired with his struggling could have put pressure on his heart.

The coroner’s investigation is continuing.

Stegemoller was girls golf coach at Little Miami High School and had been a corrections officer at the Warren Correctional Institution in Turtle Creek Township as recently as 2014.

“He was so dedicated to all of his players and parents,” Lisa Rose Gilpin wrote on the Facebook page of the Little Miami Schools school district.

I prayed for you and your children, Mr. Walter Scott. I hope all of you reading this article do, as well.

This man was murdered for being a Father. A scared, impoverished, persecuted, oppressed Father. Being a Father, is still the only crime he is guilty of.

This man was running because he was in a similar situation to one that I have found myself before. They have taken over 85% of my income for years on end, putting into homelessness and abject poverty. Had the police caught him, he would probably have faced years and years in prison for being a father.

That’s it. Click the picture to read more about it. The only thing that bothers me, is that the Leftist Feminazi Media has made this a race issue, it is a gender issue.

Child Support Casualty!jayniah-watkins/crr3

I only wish it were possible to bring criminal charges against those in charge at his school. That they are waging these bigoted wars against our innocent young men should be met with prison time, now slaps on the wrist. This is horrible, oppressive bigotry that is at the top of almost all United States Colleges, and being encouraged by the government.

In his ever-more-sickening descent into complete subservience to the Feminazi’s, Roger Goodell has announced that the NFL no longer has to follow the law. They have hired a team of Feminazi’s to create their own legal system that has the ability to OVERRULE the United States Legal system. This is just another face of the Feminazi movement to remove men’s rights to a legal defense, like they have already done in the Kidnapper Court Process, and are achieving on many College Campuses across the nation.

Bye bye rule of law, bye bye innocent until proven guilty, hello Feminazi Police State.